What’s good my music lovers? It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a blog but rest assure The Dr. has been busy.
Let’s recap our night at Cielo this past Sunday 2/21/16. We arrived later than normal to “church” and I was hoping I did not miss anything. Walking thru the velvet curtains we were greeted by the usual scene of dancers on the floor moving to the STOMPING HOUSE MUSIC that my broski Dj Q was laying out for the “beat hungry” dancers.

The legendary Funktion One sound system let us know we were in the right spot. The bass was welcoming to our bodies, the drums and the infectious vocals that moment took us away from our lives that were beyond the walls of Cielo. Greeted by many familiar faces, Rob Hollywood, Ernest, Greg, Adam Rios, John DeJesus, Jyce Net, too many to be listed. They reminded us why we travel almost 2 hours to immerse our souls with rich music and purge from the “rah rah” our local radio stations try to force feed us.

FUNKBOX NYC is just one of the many parties that fill the void and they never disappoint. This is a party with no judgements, no cliques, no rules on how to express what one is feeling thru dancing. There is no such thing of not knowing how to dance to House Music… It’s a spiritual thing.

Our hosts Voodoo Ray & Tony Touch are constantly bringing guest Djs from around the world and for that we thank them. This party is now synonymous with that NYC vibe this city is known for. I b-lined straight to the dj booth to set up my camera. Voodoo Ray was on the mic. I hear him give me a shout out which gets my attention. Out comes my camera and I frame out the scene and snap the shutter just as everyone in the booth was in that moment. Coming back from globe trotting with the Queen Barbara Tucker, Dj Q was in celebration mode. It was his bornday and he was letting everyone know that thru his dance floor BANGERS!.. Track after track he laid down something fierce. It has been over a year since I’ve heard brother Q live. Play list please….

As the evening went on Barbara Tucker entered the booth and you felt the energy shift to higher gear. Dressed “down” as always Barbara sparkled under all the lights that the legendary Ariel Lights had in his control, a master at what he does. The crowd goes wild, the lights of many cells phone recording the moment point towards the booth. She grabs the mic and proceeds to fill the venue with that voice she is legendary for. Simply amazing how powerful her voice is. I’ve heard her many times before but each time the goosebumps come out and my hairs on my arms are at attention. My camera and I become one and my shutter is working overtime. The fact that she needed no stage, no sound check and no rehearsal lets you know she’s the real deal. Words cannot describe what we felt that moment, that night.

My intentions when I take my camera out is to capture the moment the best that I can so it can be shared with you. I’m an Artist and the camera is my tool. I’m a Dj and music is my tool. When I’m not behind my camera I’m behind my decks with my other love, music.

Big shout out to my team Maritday Rodriquez, Reuben Ullman, Diondra PrimusĀ  who believe in my vision. Lets bring them HOUSE!. Special s/o to my queen Maritday Rodriguez who’s been on this journey with me since day one. I love you BUNCHES!
I hope you enjoy my post and my pics. Be sure to share this with someone you know will understand. Keep an ear out for the FUNKBOX Album with features a track with Tony Touch and Tego Calderon. He shared it with us and it’s FYAH!
Until the next time, blessings to you all.
Best, Shaman.